Avenue X Creators NFT Collection

AvenueXCreators is a collection of Verified NFTs sold by top Instagram creators. You can collect authentic Instagram posts from top global creators as a NFT within the Avenue Collection. Own an #AXC today!

Our Next Creator Drop: 5th April 2022

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The Avenue X Creators NFT Collection

Avenue app for influencers

Top Creators

A handpicked selection of creator's from Instagram!

Avenue app for influencers

Strategic Pricing

Creators set their pricing based on the value of their posts!

Avenue app for influencers

Creator Promotion

Get notified when someone purchases your NFTs on Avenue!

Avenue app for influencers


We verify that the actual creator is the one selling the NFT! Each NFT comes with an Avenue verified badge

Avenue app for influencers

Creator Listings

Discover all of our creators' NFTs on our creator NFT listing platform!

Avenue app for influencers

Future Utility

Become a part of a fast moving project working on real utility & future integrations!


A roadmap backed by a real company, a real app and a real team. Here to change the space and build out the creator economy in the Web3 space!

Phase 1: Initial launch of our creator collection. Consists of 50 creators and 1,000+ NFTs
Phase 2: Dynamic NFTs: live updated meta data showing like + comment count of creators
Phase 3: Launch of Utility Platform for creators to manage perks offered to AXC holders
Phase 4: Global Launch, allow access to most creators and support platforms beyond Instagram
Phase 5: Expansion of contract to support multi token NFTs (ERC 1156)
Phase 6: New ways of Creators to mint NFTs, beyond social media posts. Expansion of Utility platform
Phase 7: Drop our next creator collection with new creators & an expanded collection
Phase 8: Launch of our creator event where holders can meet some of the top creators within our collection!


What is Avenue?


Avenue is a leading app designed for influencers and creators to grow their influence on social media platforms. We are used by 5K creators globally, with a collective influence of over 250M followers. Trusted by celebrities and micro influencers alike, Avenue has a collection of tools designed to help influencers manage their social media presence

Who are the people behind AvenueXCreators?


AvenueXCreators is brought to you by Affable.ai, one of the world's largest Influencer Marketing platforms. We are a team of engineers, designers and product managers building for the creator economy. Our remote-first company is backed by leading investors and has over 50 employees spread all over the world.

Why AvenueXCreators?


We believe that every creator deserves to do what they love doing while also making a living out of their creativity. While brand sponsorships are one way to do this, we think that unlocking new revenue streams is critical for the health of the creator economy. Using Avenue, for the first time ever, creators can convert their digital creations into provably ownable assets on the blockchain on the tap of a button. Not only does this unlock a new revenue stream for our creators, but also enables fans of the creators to invest in the future growth of the creators and therefore, reward them for being an early follower

Why should I purchase an AXC? What utility does it have?


By holding an AXC, you are directly investing in the future growth of your favourite creators. Meaning, the more popular the creator gets, the more valuable do your AXCs become. So the sooner you own their NFTs, the more you are rewarded for being an "early follower"!

Moreover, AXC holders are given benefits such as access to exclusive content, access to close friends list and other perks, depending on the creator that minted the NFT. The benefits platform is under active development at the moment. Please refer to our roadmap section for more details!

How much does it cost to list NFTs on the contract?


Absolutely nothing. Avenue covers the cost of minting the items. This significantly reduces the barrier to entry as there are gas fees involved. This enables thousands of creators to access NFTs which is otherwise prohibitively expensive.

What is the smart contract like?


Our smart contract is ERC721 compatible and is deployed on Ethereum as an upgradeable contract using OpenZeppelin's Defender platform for secure access control. Each NFT is minted on the contract in batches periodically to save on gas costs.

How do I know my AXCs are secure?


Since we use a combination of OpenZeppelin's Defender and Gnosis safe for access control, no one individual has the keys to the metaphorical safe. Upgrades to the contract have to go through a proposal that must be signed by all key holders before a contract is upgraded. The contract is also pauseable, meaning in emergency situations we can temporarily disable transfers till issues are rectified via an upgrade.