What is the Avenue Verified Badge?

Avenue verifies every post listed on its collection using Instagram's official APIs. We guarantee that only the real owner of the Instagram post is able to mint it as an NFT on our collection. This way, buyers know that they are buying real and authentic NFTs from our creators!

Avenue combines first party data via authenticated APIs to add frames around our creator's Instagram posts. This frame contains their username at the time of posting, their profile picture and social stats such as likes, comments and views (where applicable)

We enrich each post with data only available to the owner of the post as additional metadata in the NFT

Become An Avenue Creator & Sell Your Feed As NFTs

Own a viral post that you would like to offer as an NFT to your fans? Avenue gives you the added advantage of selling your content as NFTs with a layer of verification, ensuring there are no copycats or fakes.
The Avenue verified badge for your NFTs guarantees that all content uploaded is by the owners and has not been stolen from other creator's pages. This gives buyers a stress free buying experience and you, the added perk of making smoother sales.

Avenue app for influencers

Avenue Verified

With the Avenue verified badge, rest assured that only the actual creator is selling their Instagram posts!

Avenue app for influencers

Creator Listings

Share your own custom link that displays your NFTs for sale to your audience!

Avenue app for influencers

Game Changing Tools

Utilize tools backed by data and AI, made specifically for our influencers.

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